Czech science to receive hundreds of millions

IOCB Tech will distribute approximately CZK 250 million to support Czech science, research and innovation next year. Read more

New coronavirus protective antibody test

New coronavirus protective antibody test license to Immunotech, a subsidiary of Beckman Coulter. We are so proud to be a part of the kit development. All our tech transfer expertise has been successfully implied in the process. Read more

IOCB Tech donates kits for 10,000 covid-19 tests

IOCB Tech has donated kits for 10,000 isolations of viral RNA for COVID-19 testing to Public Health Institute Ostrava at a total value of 780,000 CZK (c. 30,000 EUR). Read more

MediAim – new therapeutic strategies

All team of IOCB Tech is proud that IOCB Prague has become one of the strategic institutes in the MediAim consortium, which brings together three centers of excellence in science, research, and clinical practice. Read more

Viral RNA isolation kits developed at IOCB and RCPTM

Researchers from RCPTM and IOCB Tech have developed a new method for isolating viral RNA independent of commercially available materials. The production is being transferred to IOCB Tech, which will oversee distribution in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Read more

IOCB enters partnership with Neuron Foundation

In the next three years, IOCB Tech will provide 15 million Czech crowns (c. 550 thousand euros) in support of Neuron. Read more

IOCB Tech donates 7 million CZK to fight coronavirus

IOCB Tech has donated 7 million Czech crowns (250 thousand euros) for research and development of new diagnostic tests for the infectious disease COVID-19. Read more

SHINE and IOCB deliver Lu-177 dose to GE Healthcare

SHINE Medical Technologies LLC, IOCB Prague, and GE Healthcare today announced the production of patient dose quantities of the therapeutic isotope lutetium-177 (Lu-177). Read more

UCT and IOCB Prague establish special research chair

A prestigious new position is being established for a leading foreign expert in drug discovery and development at UCT Prague in collaboration with IOCB Prague. Read more