Just like in previous years, this year too, IOCB Tech was the main partner of one of the largest educational events in Europe. The unique festival hosted scientists such as evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, robotics visionary Hiroshi Ishiguro, and AI philosopher Susan Schneider.

"Science and its impact on the life of our planet are crucial. Bringing science and its results closer to people is extremely important because the current world is overwhelmed with information that is often unscientific, nonsensical, and even false. On the other hand, science is becoming very specialized and almost incomprehensible to the average person. This then contributes to the emergence and success of fallacies and false opinions. AFO plays an important role as a counterbalance to this current confusion. We are very pleased that we can contribute at least a little to the promotion and explanation of science by supporting this excellent film festival," said Martin Fusek, director of IOCB Tech.

The festival program reveals the mysteries of our planet and the universe and presents significant advances in scientific discoveries through factographic films, documentaries, discussions, lectures, and panel discussions with guests from the fields of science and the film industry. Visitors have had the opportunity to delve into research on distant planets, earthly oceans, and global warming, the development of robotics and artificial intelligence, discussions on the position of women in science and society, human dependencies, and the importance of the science fiction genre for popularizing science. Jan Šotola, project manager of IOCB Tech, presented details on technology transfer at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences to participants during the discussion section "Science matters". The festival team also pays attention to the accompanying program. From interventions in public spaces, through virtual reality and 3D printing to music programs, it brings significant interpreters of the world's alternative scene to Olomouc and has its own fan base.

The International Festival of Popular Science Films has been organized by Palacký University in Olomouc since 1966.