"The participation of representatives from Czech scientific institutions, startups, and biotechnology companies at the BioSpring conference enables connections with similar institutions from around the world. The Czech Embassy in Madrid is ready to support Czech entities directly and through scientific diplomacy tools in establishing further contacts in Spain," Hlavičková points out.

IOCB Tech Family regularly participates in biotechnological and other important conferences. It is an opportunity to present good ideas not only from the laboratories of the parent Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences but also from other places and to establish important contacts for business development.

IOCB Tech Family is a unique combination of the tech transfer office IOCB Tech, the scientific-research incubator i&i Prague, and the cooperating investment fund i&i Biotech Fund. It is a comprehensive system that helps a scientific idea from all aspects - it assesses its commercial potential, ensures legal protection, takes care of patents, and can even provide financing.

"Such a system is rare in the Central European region. We have received positive feedback from participants of events such as BIO Europe Spring," adds Martin Fusek, Director of IOCB Tech.

BIO EUROPE Spring this year is attended by approximately 3,400 people not only from Europe but also from numerous Asian and other countries. During the conference, 119,443 business meetings will take place with more than a hundred exhibitors. During the three-day event, representatives of the IOCB Tech Family met with around sixty companies.

The co-organizer of the booth is the Prague.bio cluster. In addition to presenting the Czech biotechnology ecosystem, the event is used to promote the Prague.bio conference, which will take place on September 24 in Prague. Its mission is to connect science and business, and registration is already open on the conference.prague.bio website.