IOCB Tech presented a project on Neuro-active Steroids for Treatment of Neuropathic Pain. The project was presented both in the poster section as well as in the category of pitch talks for Collaborative and Licensing Opportunity Presentations. It was a first oral presentation of a new Mode of Action in this therapeutic indication.

It appeared clearly from the following discussion that a lot of further tests and preclinical development has to be performed during the preclinical development to persuade a potential licensee on safety and efficacy of the steroids. However, the concept was well accepted and acknowledged.

BioFIT is one of the national partnering events in the Life Science field in Europe. Despite its prevailing regional character, it hosts scientists, investors and entrpreneurs from all over the word, even if not in such an extent as the global events like BIO U.S. or Bio EU. This imparts to the event a more friendly and quiet atmosphere and a possibility to discuss the projects in a deeper understanding between the partners.

The combination of company presentations, pitch talks on projects and startups, panel discussions and booth exposition brings together experts from many different fields. It is a very useful platform for finding a partner or client or just to learn about the latest innovations.