IOCB Tech is again one of the partners at the BioVaria conference. The event will take place April 23-24, 2018, in Munich, Germany

BioVaria brings together European research institutions across national borders in order to improve the transfer of their research results into application. In this two days event, it presents an unmatched density of highly innovative technologies to potential investors, collaboration partners and licensees from the international biopharmaceutical industry.

IOCB Tech will present “Steroids as allosteric modulators of NMDAR for neuropathic pain treatment” and in collaboration with the Charles University Prague a “new assay for the rapid detection of antibiotic resistance”.

Three more technologies will be presented as a poster:

“Atomizer – new technology for production micro and nano particles”  together with the Czech Technical University/Food Research Institute, Prague

“Bifunctional cyclam based ligands for conjugations with targeting vectors and their 64-Cu radiopharmaceuticals for PET imaging” together with the Charles University Prague

“Enhancement of the output voltage of galvanic cell above thermodynamic value: How to get 3 V from 1.5 V accumulator” together with the Masaryk University, Brno