The Neuron Endowment Fund for the Support of Science, Neuron patrons, and IOCB Tech have joined forces to provide active support to young Ukrainian scientists during the current crisis. Recipients will receive up to CZK 200,000 for initial costs associated with accommodation and relocation to the Czech Republic.

“We must help Ukraine protect the young generation of scientists, and we believe the best solution is to temporarily host them so they may conduct work at Czech research organisations that continues to develop their expertise,” says Monika Vondráková, Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees at the Neuron Endowment Fund. “Other grants and institutional budgets are capable of funding studies or scientific work, but they are unable to give scientists money for their everyday lives and needs in a new country. Thanks to private funds, we at the Neuron Endowment Fund can,” she explains.

“After seeing the brutality with which the Russian president is trampling on all of the values of the civilised world, I – like everyone else – felt we had to do something,” adds Martin Fusek, the director IOCB Tech. “I am very pleased that the Neuron Endowment Fund is here and that Monika Vondráková and I were able to sit down and in the space of 24 hours come up with this form of help for young Ukrainian scientists.”

It is essential that Czech research organisations helping young Ukrainian scientists continue their work in the Czech Republic, collaborate in the current grant programme. 

“We contacted members of the Scientific Council and selected universities and institutions to help us in the first stage of identifying Ukrainian scientists who need assistance,” says Monika Vondráková, noting that the CZK 2 million that has been allocated now is not necessarily the final amount. The Neuron Endowment Fund is reaching out to more patrons and partners to ask them to provide additional funding for the project and thus show their clear support for Ukrainian scientists and students.